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Pro-Mix YP w/Biofungicide (2.8 cu ft Bag)

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YP - young plant production

PRO-MIX YP BIOFUNGICIDE* is a specialized formulation for young plant production that is ideal for vacuum-formed or paper cells and other transplanting machines. Whether for cuttings, seeds or plugs, in medium to large size cells, PRO-MIX YP BIOFUNGICIDE* provides a root zone environment which supports healthy and strong early growth. Its precise blend composed of fibrous blond sphagnum peat moss, coir (horticultural grade) and horticultural perlite provides resistance to compaction, yet it holds together adequately to maintain a sturdy fiber pot.

(*BIOFUNGICIDE is only available in the USA)


  • Clean product that works well with machinery that produces vacuum formed cells and pots
  • Combination of Sphagnum peat, coir (horticultural grade) and horticulture perlite provides superior aeration and water-holding properties
  • Holds together and resists compaction
  • Low starting pH (< 5.5)


Sphangnum Peat Moss (45-55%),, coir-horticultural grade, perlite, limestone, wetting agent, biofungicide

Item PTHPMYP0028220RG
Size 2.8 cu ft Loose Fill Bag
Bags per Pallet 57