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Pro-Mix PG Organik (2.8 cu ft Bag) No CA

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PG ORGANIK – plug and germination

PRO-MIX PG ORGANIK is the perfect Omri- listed germination growing medium to address the specific requirements of organic growers. It is well-balanced and adapted to the germination of  vegetable and herb seeds. Its fine coir provides natural air porosity which is essential to successful seed germination. PRO-MIX PG ORGANIK offers the possibility of a perfect start in the very demanding production of organic products.


  • Consistent formulation without the variability of products with compost
  • Suitable for seed starting and will not burn seedlings
  • Conforms and approved to Organic standards for certified organic growers


Spagnum peat moss (60-70%), coir-horticultural grade, vermiculite, limestone, wetting agent


Greenhouse vegetables, plug & germination, organic crops

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Item PTHPMPG3028023RG
Size 2.8 cu ft Loose Fill Bag
Bags per Pallet 57