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Pro-Mix MP Organik w/Mycorrhizae (3.8cu ft Bale) No CA

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$45.83 BL

MP – organic growing

PRO-MIX MP MYCORRHIZAE ORGANIK provides the perfect solution for growers in need of an organic-certified, growing medium that delivers well balanced air/water qualities. Omri listed, this formulation is ideal for a variety of growing uses and is designed to meet crop requirements for certified organic growers. Enriched with mycorrhizae, this growing medium will not only improve the overall growth and yields of your crops, it will also increase your plants’ resistance to environmental stresses.


  • Consistent formulation without the variability of products with compost
  • Suitable for seed starting and will not burn seedlings
  • Conforms and approved to Organic standards for certified organic growers


Spagnum peat moss (55-65%),coir-horticultural grade, perlite, limestone, mycorrhizae


Vegetable transplants, greenhouse vegetables, organic crops

This item not available for sale in CA.

Item PTHPMMP8038103RG
Size 3.8 cu ft Bale
Bales per Pallet 30