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Pro-Mix FPX w/Biofungicide (2.8 cu ft Bag)

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PRO MIX FPX BIOFUNGICIDE - plug and germination

Providing an optimized growing environment is fundamental, especially when it comes to plugs and germination where it will define future productivity levels. PRO-MIX FPX BIOFUNGICIDE is well adapted for water sensitive crops by providing low water retention levels.

Biofungicide is a naturally occurring strain of bacteria called Bacillus subtilis (MBI 600). This bacterium enhances plant growth and combats harmful organisms such as Fusarium, Pythium and Rhizoctonia.

Ingredients: spagnum peat moss (80-90%), perlite, limestone, wetting agent, biofungicide


  • Easy filling of trays
  • Improved drainage and air-exchange for developing roots
  • Dry out faster than peat/ vermiculite blends for easier water management
  • Reduced calcitic limestone allows grower to have better control of pH with high water alkalinity
  • Reduced fertilizer charge gives grower better control to prevent seedling "stretch"and growth

Usage: vegetable transplants, plug & germination, young plant propagation

Size 2.8 cu ft loose fill bag
Bags per Pallet 57