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Pro-Mix BX Mycorrhizae (3.8 cu ft Bale)

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$42.10 BL

PRO-MIX BX - MYCORRHIZAE-    BX- general purpose

PRO-MIX BX is a solution for growers seeking to benefit from both the nutrient retention ability of vermiculite and a perlite content providing limited but proper drainage capacities. Combined with high-quality fibrous peat moss, this formulation is ideal for growers looking for a general purpose medium which creates a well-balanced growing environment.

Ingredients: Sphagnum Peat Moss (75-85%), Perlite, Vermiculite, Limestone, Wetting Agent, Mycorrhizae


  • Improves fertilizer uptake; reduces fertilizer costs
  • Increases the resistanceof plant to stresses; reduces maintenance costs
  • Optimizes results without changing growing practices

Uses: Annuals, perennials, foliage plants, potted flowering plants, vegetable transplants, greenhouse vegetables, indoor gardening

Size 3.8 cu ft Bale
Bales per Pallet 30