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Mardenkro Anti-Condensate

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Condensation droplets on acrylate, polycarbonate and inside plastic foil greenhouses are a nuisance. All those droplets combined may cause light loss of up to 25%! Moreover, condensation droplets may cause your crops to be affected by Botrytis. AntiCondens is the solution. Once dry, this product forms a coating that prevents the formation of droplets. Result: no more formation of droplets.

Advantages of AntiCondens
  • Suitable for use on acrylate, polycarbonate and inside plastic film greenhouses
  • Adheres to almost all types of plastic film
  • Water-based and safe to use
  • Easily miscible in water
  • Durable in use: once applied, AntiCondens will last for a whole season.
How to use it

Apply AntiCondens to a clean, dry surface free of other substances. For one hectare, mix 60 litres of AntiCondens in approximately 1,000 litres of clean water. Apply AntiCondens by spraying from the gutter to the ridge to ensure that the film is properly moistened. After applying, allow the treated surface to dry very thoroughly. The drying process may be accelerated by thoroughly ventilating the greenhouse. If applied properly, AntiCondens will remain effective all season.

Safety and environment
  • It is strongly recommended to test some plants first to check for phytotoxicity.
  • Greenhouse should be empty at the time of spraying.