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18 Ct Carry Tray for 3.5" Sq Pots (Case of 56)

(56) per CS
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$45.00 CS
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McConkey introduces the new Phoenix Carry Tray, designed to fit 18 square 3.5" containers from a variety of manufacturers, including McConkey's thermoformed TS35, injected SR350, Poppelmann's square 3.5" pot, and many others.

Phoenix reinforced polyolefins are extremely resistant to cracking, so this tray lasts more seasons than conventional polystyrene trays, allowing you to reuse them and cut future tray purchases. Some say it's bad business, selling products that last "too long."  But we think it’s good for your business.


Size L x W x H 10.8 x 21.2 x 1.88
Case Pack 56
Cases per Plt 36